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Download this worksheet and fill in how you can keep these commandments!

  1. I will stick to my budget.

  2. I will stay focused on my goals and my plans to achieve them.

  3. I will differentiate my needs from wants – and control the money I spend on wants, because I know those never end.

  4. I will never spend money I don’t have. If I don’t have $100 in cash or my savings account, I won’t spend $100 on a credit card.

  5. I will never keep a balance on a credit card (unless the interest is 0%). I will pay my credit card bill, in full, before the due date and never miss a payment.

  6. I will maintain low expenses even if there is an unexpected increase in the money I earn (holiday or birthday money, work bonus, or pay raise).

  7. I will not buy things to “feel” better, improve my mood, or because I’m bored. I remain happy, upbeat, and grateful. No “retail therapy” for me.

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