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Smartcuts: The Breakthrough Power of Lateral Thinking

"Smartcuts" is a business and personal development book written by Shane Snow. It challenges traditional notions of success and offers a fresh perspective on achieving breakthroughs and reaching goals in a faster, more efficient way.

The book introduces the concept of "smartcuts," which are unconventional approaches to solving problems and achieving success. Snow argues that by identifying and leveraging certain shortcuts, individuals and organizations can accelerate their progress and achieve remarkable results.

Snow explores different principles and strategies that successful individuals and companies have used to achieve rapid growth and surpass their competitors. He examines case studies and real-life examples to illustrate how these smartcuts have been applied in various fields, including business, technology, sports, and entertainment.

One key principle discussed in the book is lateral thinking. Snow encourages readers to look beyond traditional linear paths and find innovative ways to solve problems and overcome obstacles. He explores the power of combining different disciplines, borrowing ideas from unrelated fields, and embracing non-traditional approaches to achieve breakthroughs.

Another concept highlighted in "Smartcuts" is the idea of rapid skill acquisition. Snow delves into the strategies and techniques used by experts and high achievers to quickly master new skills. He emphasizes the importance of deliberate practice, leveraging mentors and networks, and embracing a mindset of continuous learning and improvement.

The book also explores the power of leverage and how individuals and organizations can amplify their impact by identifying key leverage points. Snow demonstrates how to identify and leverage existing resources, networks, and platforms to achieve exponential growth and reach a wider audience.

Furthermore, "Smartcuts" addresses the role of timing and how strategic timing can play a crucial role in achieving success. Snow explores the concept of "waves" and how riding the right wave of trends, technologies, and cultural shifts can significantly accelerate progress.

In conclusion, "Smartcuts" offers a refreshing and practical perspective on achieving success by thinking creatively, embracing unconventional strategies, and leveraging existing resources. Through captivating stories and actionable advice, Snow encourages readers to challenge traditional thinking, adopt a mindset of innovation, and find smarter ways to achieve their goals. The book serves as a valuable resource for individuals and organizations seeking to accelerate their progress and achieve breakthrough results.


High school freshman Finley Lewis is a self-taught day trader, and the author of 9 Rules to Dominate Your Money and Learn What 67% Of Adults Don’t Know.

He writes about financial literacy for teens, aiming to fill the gap the education system leaves in preparing young people for success in later life.

Finley has been an investor for three years, beginning his journey at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. He has always been passionate about money and had the importance of managing and spending it wisely instilled in him at a young age. The more he learned, the more he noticed the shocking absence of financial literacy teaching in school, and he became determined to share his knowledge to help other teenagers.

Wise beyond his years, Finley recognizes that the key to building wealth is time, and he’s dedicated to making sure young people have the knowledge they need early enough to get a head start.

Finley is a straight-A student and spends half an hour a day watching Spanish TV in order to learn the language. He volunteers in the community and loves baking (just ask his friends about his chocolate chip cookies!).

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